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Under Cover Watch and Shoot your ultimate fantasy when under cover is visible.
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Game Article:
Under Cover An addictive game about exposing the hot ladies of high society, Under Cover is a challenging experience when it comes to being at the right place, at the right time and being ready! The game plot takes you to the high profile UCM magazine, where you have been hired as the new photographer and your job is to get revealing shots at high profile events. Each level asks you to shoot as many pictures as you can, the naughtier they are, the more points you secure. Starting with the game play, you mainly need to move around the scene and click pictures. Every level has a threshold score which needs to be cleared in order to advance to the next level. You get enough chances to shoot good quality and revealing pictures, where the women accidently expose their lingerie. You need to be on a lookout for such shots and be ready in anticipation. It can be while getting out of the car, bending to pick up things or just shifting around in the chair, or even while taking their dog out for a walk. Waiting for the right shot and the right position can get really addictive after some time, especially when it is waiting for some lingerie show and undercover shots. So mainly, it�s the addiction which would make you play the game a lot and definitely the raunchy shots. Remember, you need to get 12 shots for the magazine else the pink slip would be waiting for you. Overall, the game is interesting and addictive and tests your instincts and experience. The overall feel of the game is nice and the game can be adjudged as a good way to relax.
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