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Defend Your Computer Viruses come alive in this virtual battlefield. Protect your PC from the invading bytes with your lazer cannon of doom.
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Game Article:
Defend Your Computer An addictive game where you need to protect your computer from the attacks of the viruses, Defend Your Computer is all about stopping the viruses which have come alive from entering the boundaries of your system. The game is mainly an addictive shooting fest where you need to kill all the invading pieces of bytes which have been reanimated by the acts of an evil genius and are now taking over the world for destroying all the computers around for maximum mayhem. You are an efficient computer hacker who has spotted viruses coming your way and has coded a nice laser which can be used to kill these viruses. Defend your computer and then use it to save the world from the virus apocalypse. The game mainly proceeds in levels where you need to kill all the viruses which are coming your way. Every level has some interesting challenge over the regular virus enemies which you have to encounter, and this new challenge can be in terms of a mutation or a more powerful set combined together for more damage. The game is pretty interesting due to the viruses which have come to life and the entire theme of the shooting spree that you need to go on. Apart from that, you are able to upgrade and optimize your laser after every wave of attack to ensure that it stays efficient and powerful in taking out the worst of the viruses. The game has a nice set of graphics which is well supported by the complete sound system. Overall, the game is really addictive and fun to play and has more to it than many other casual arcade shooters.
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