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Game Article:
Practice Chopped An addictive game about slashing, hacking and chopping through your competitors, Practice Chopped puts you in the shoes of a serial chopper and cutter. The game is about Joe, a psycho kid who is being irritated by some next door teens. Frustrated, Joe loses his mind and starts attacking the neighborhood teens with a kitchen knife and injures many of them. A boy, while defending himself, hits a stone on Joe’s head. Magically, he is transported to a new environment which is filled with dinosaurs, apes and pre historic creatures. Now, Joe must fight his way through them and look for a passage which would take him to his present surroundings. The game is level based where you encounter different creatures and fight them with your weapons for survival. You need food and better weapons for survival in this savage age, and that is why you need to kill more dinosaurs and apes. Every time you kill a small dinosaur or a monkey, you get food which can boost your health and give you stamina. Similarly, whenever you kill a T-Rex or an ape, you get more experience which can be used to attain more powerful weapons and transform you knife to a saw, to a sword and ultimately to huge cutter machine. The experience system is proportional to your killing capacity and the kills which you have already made. This level based progress makes the game addictive and increases the replayability through variety. Overall, the game is really addictive and is a good title overall. The experience is different and the surprise which awaits you at the end is sweet too. The graphics, sound and the supporting factors are all top notch, which is found in good online games only.
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