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Zombie Land Come and visit Zombie Land! Drive with your skateboard through this Metal Slug like game using arrows and shoot zombies, also collect power and extras.
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Game Article:
Zombie Land A game inspired by the extremely successful and addictive lineup of Metal Slug series, Zombie Land is your struggle against zombies who have planned world domination. The game is a shoot?em up style action which has a fair amount of challenge to make it entertaining. The game has a simplistic feel to it, but it has enough variety to keep you addicted. We have a skateboarding style game play, where you need to be a master of skateboarding moves to play this game effortlessly. You also have a complete arsenal at your disposal, to get all those zombies and crush them to the ground. An interesting angle to the game play is the wide options that you have for killing the zombies. Zipping through the levels on your skateboard, you can kill the zombies using the various guns which have been given to you. You start out with the smallest gun out of the four and you can upgrade the guns as you go to the tougher levels. Each successive gun is more powerful than the previous one, and gives you more firepower for the level. Apart from the guns, you have the zambini at your service. The zamboni is a truck type machine which can be used to squish the zombies and rampage through hordes of their lines. The flip side to the powerful machine is that you need to find its keys to access it, and the fuel is limited. This gives the balance which is required by the game, making it very addictive too. As for the conclusion, the game is really good and has a fair amount of challenge and variety fabricated in it. The background score and graphics are decent, making the game a thrilling experience. Another addictive game for your amusement!
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