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Stickicide 3 Kill your stick man in as many ways as possible to score the highest points!
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Game Article:
Stickicide 3 An addictive game using the minimum graphics resources of your system, Stickicide 3 is a simple yet interesting game which is based on variety and innovation. Stickicide 3 is the next installment in the addictive series of Stickicide games and greatly improves over the previous versions. The basic game play is similar, one versus one duel where the player has to use every move of an action game and kill the opposition in more than one ways. Every different move fetches you more points and the more creative and unique you are in your successive moves, the more points you amass. Now, the new addition in this game is the annihilate yourself mode, where you need to get your player killed in different ways. Each way has a different set of points associated with it, and you need to gain them by involving with them and eventually leading to the death of your model. Your model will respawn, giving you another chance to try the different deadly obstacles in the level. The game becomes really addictive due to the variety available online and the sound and graphics which accompany every death. The music is racy and every death means a lot of gore and screams from your model. However, you cannot stop for anything because your sole aim is to have the most number of points. Apart from the points, you also get some cash for a set number of threshold points, which can be used to get more obstacles into the field and increasing the chances of different deaths. Overall, the game is really addictive and offers two interesting game play modes which can interest an online player.
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