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The Professionals 3 Some hacker has messed with the wrong guy and stole from him.. Its payback time..
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Game Article:
The Professionals 3 An addictive game following the life of a seasoned professional killer with a conscience, The Professional 3 is all set to give you the thrill of an assassin?s journey through innumerable missions. The game is about a man who has spent his life killing people for money. One day, when he is nearing retirement and is about to resign from the job, he is hit by the works of a hacker. The hacker has changed the world for our protagonist by deleting his identity, erasing his existence and by stealing all the money from your account. It is now up to you to show your true colors and beat this genius at his own game. You need to go through various addictive missions to get a hint of the identity of the hacker. The game focuses on stealth and intelligence more than any other factor. The shooting action is enough to fill your craving for the blood, but most missions require you to make correct decisions and move stealthily around the area. You need to give the least indication of your presence and avoid any attention. Your task can only be accomplished when you keep low profile, else the target is smart enough to elude you for a long time. This is something which makes the game really balanced and promises a new experience at every try. The sound system and the AI of the game is good enough and you need to be alert of the surroundings and people, if you want to catch the hacker. Overall, the game is good and has enough in store for you. An addictive game play, a smart engine and a ruthless enemy await you in this striking adventure full of guns, treachery, brains and mayhem.
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