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Micro Racer 2 Drive your Micro Racer car around the field with other opponents and use your nitro to finish the race first!
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Game Article:
Micro Racer 2 An entertaining racing game which picks from one of the very successful series of the PC gaming world, this addictive game requires you to race the opponents and reach the race first. And oh, you even have some Nitro boost to use! Comprising of 3 modes, 4 cars and a few tracks, this game has enough content to keep you hooked for a long time. The game becomes highly addictive once you learn how to play, which is not very difficult. You can choose from 3 modes of game play, challenge, trial and championship. Challenge is a simple mode in which you need to select the car, the track and you are ready to go. Race through the track to be the first to finish, to get a hang of the action. Training mode teaches you how to race and you drive in an empty track to understand car control. Championship is a fully fledged mode in which you have to race all tracks and be the one to win the championship. You need to win every track to advance to the next level and be the ultimate winner of the tournament. You are given four cars to choose from, each having its own abilities and disabilities. Some are good in handling while some are good in speed; some are good in acceleration while others are good in braking. Irrespective of the small size of the game, the level of detail is really high. The extremely addictive game also gives you a great sound track which matches the theme of the game. It is fast, quick and builds up more thrill than the game alone. Overall, it is a very addictive game which should be played definitely, to get a feel of true circuit racing and action.
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