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Pimp My Lambo Pimp out your Lamborghini and impress the ladies!
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Game Article:
Pimp My Lambo An addictive game about making your Lamborghini look like a star and impressing the ladies, Pimp My Lambo is all about using different styles and themes to give a different feel to your Lamborghini. The game is all about designing your lambo and giving it a completely new look by selecting different parts from what is given to you. You can customize a variety of things for your lambo by simply dragging and dropping the items that have been provided to you. The game also gives you an option for saving the car in the online database, and submit it for evaluation by the development team. You can even win a prize if your mod is quite good and appeals to the developers. The game play is nothing complex to be described because this is a simple arcade game where you need to pick up stuff and place it at the right position for giving a new look to the Lamborghini. You have been given options in every department which concerns the look of the car and you can pick up and simply place the new items on the body of the Lamborghini. With top class items that form the base of the game, Pimp My Lambo us one addictive title which lets you enhance the look of your superb car. Apart from the simple game play, there isn’t anything more that is special in the game. The graphics are decent and the sound doesn’t play an important role here. Overall, the game is simple and addictive and concentrates on only one aspect, of pimping up your Lamborghini for the pleasure of the females.
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