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Fratboy Girlfriend Tower Defense Fratboy Austin has a lovely girlfriend. And his fratboy frenemies are after her! Defend the Girlfriend Tower!
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Game Article:
Fratboy Girlfriend Tower Defense An addictive game about Fratboy Austin and his girlfriend, it is about defending the girlfriend tower by various means. The game is about defending your girlfriend from the goons who are attacking the tower in which she currently resides. You need to use towers to build protection around the castle so that you can thwart the enemy units and handle the incoming attack. If twenty units reach the castle, you lose your girlfriend forever. The game is quite extensive in the game play and offers a unique experience every time you play it. Since the game is about setting up towers, let?s begin with that part. You have to setup towers in the right areas for having the maximum effect on the incoming units. The towers have been well balanced and each has its own advantage along with the disadvantage. So, you need to keep that in mind while selecting the tower for placement. Also, if you eliminate the incoming attack in a certain time frame, you get a bonus and more cash for killing them. For the types of towers, we have archery, cannon, magic, air, trap and pillbox towers. Each tower has something which the other doesn?t have and this gives the addictive balance to the game. The archery tower is for fast long range attacks while the cannon tower is slow but very powerful in its firepower. Similarly, all other towers are well balanced to give you a complete experience. The sound system of the game has been done well and this is one aspect which most games ignore today. Overall, it is an excellent game which offers you a well balanced game play and gets you sweetly addicted to the entire experience.
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