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Santa Caught Christmas A wonderful holiday game with Santa Claus himself. Use the arrow keys to collect as many presents as possible and then put them into Santa's Sleigh. You have 60 seconds to see how many presents you can catch. See how high of a score you can get and submit it to the high score list. Play Santa Caught Christmas now!
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Game Article:
Santa Caught Christmas A simple and addictive game which features the spirit of Christmas and Santa Claus himself in a quest for presents for the world. The game?s plot starts with Santa losing all his presents in an accident of overturning of his sledge. Christmas time is approaching and Santa is helpless. An idea strikes him, and he goes to the North Pole in search of presents. Jesus grants him a falling present craft, and he needs to catch as many presents as he can, and deliver it to children all over the world. The game is really addictive due to the interesting modes which have been offered by the game. You also need to keep a check on the time, because it is just one minute to midnight, and your journey for delivering the prizes. If you miss these sixty seconds, then your sledge would be gone and you won?t be able to deliver any prizes. Apart from collecting the prizes, you also need to deposit them in the sledge. You cannot catch any more presents if you get overloaded, and do not deposit them on time in the sledge. Santa can only deposit 3 items at a time so you need to ensure a timely deposition in the sledge, else time gets wasted. Moreover, if Santa gets piled with presents, then his speed decreases, leading to time wastage. If a present falls to the ground, you cannot pick it up and neither can you deposit a damaged present into the sledge. The game appeals and is addictive because of the balanced game play offered by it. It is simple, and targets one of the favorite niches of kids and that is why it is such a hit with the kids. So lets get the Christmas presents rolling!
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