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Raft Wars Shoot down your enemies from your raft and ultimately rescue your parents!
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Game Article:
Raft Wars An addictive shooting game which allows you to play some elements of driving games too, Raft Wars is a game which blends the best of both worlds and gives you a unique experience. The game is like every other shooting game available online but has some key differences to it. These differences enhance the gaming experience and separate it from other addictive online games. The experience is unique because of the combination of various elements, and you can club them together for having maximum fun. The game starts with a quick cut sequence, where a little boy discovers huge amount of treasure. The boy becomes famous, and the pirates start eyeing the treasure. When the pirates attack you for it, it is up to you and your brother to prevent them from taking the treasure and beat them before they can harm you. The game proceeds in levels, where you need to beat each level by eliminating the pirates which are blood thirsty and are eyeing your treasure. You have simple balls which need to be projected in such a way that they damage the pirates or knock them over into the shark infested seas. Every hit and every kill gives you more points or credits, which can be used to buy upgrades for weapons for further stages of the pirate war. You need to sit in your boat and fight these pirates, so you might as well look for some boat protection too. Overall, the game is really cute and addictive because of its simplicity. The different campaigns with pirates make it more varied and bring a new experience into the game play.
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