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Triple X Mission Complete your missions as Triple X. The country is counting on you.
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Game Article:
Triple X Mission This is the highly addictive and fun game which promises adventure and action, all in one package. You get into the clothes of the famed Triple X, and are assigned some dangerous tasks which need to be completed for the security of the nation. The game combines the famous elements of adventure and action to give you the ultimate thrilling experience. When you actually play the game, you find out that it is not something in which you shoot and get over with it. It requires a lot of skill, luck, planning and strategy. What is more important while playing this game is stealth, which plays a crucial role in deciding your position and success rate amongst the enemy. As the Triple X, you are assigned dangerous missions which need to be completed using proper means and resources. The game gives you a wide range of weapons to choose from, and a huge arsenal of machinery is at your disposal for designing new vehicles and weapons. The game play is not so straight and you would frequently find yourself moving in shadows rather than blindly killing. The game offers a really addictive experience and tends to be something which you would be regularly playing, for hours at a stretch. There are enough car chases, races and driving adventures which require you to be accustomed to driving in extreme conditions. Besides the regular scoring through mission achievements, the game also offers some variety through the side mission and collectible items which can unlock secret weapons, cars and power ups. There is enough material to get you hooked for a long time and it won?t be long before you get hopelessly addicted to the awesome fun game. Sweet addiction, we call it.
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