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Crank Take to the road in this action packed racing game based off the feature film Crank!
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Game Article:
Crank The game?s name is Crank and the game play is similar to the action packed thrilling movie, Crank. The game follows the footsteps of the movie in terms of the racing action, and the high speed thrills which the driving game offers. The plethora of cars and grounds to race is something to look out for in this game. The experience is awesome, with high speed action building up the adrenaline during the intense races. The game is exactly like the movie, and you need to complete the missions which ask you to race around in your car. The missions have been selected in such a way that you can have almost every kind of race in one single game. The game is no way shallow, and offers many more things which are unique to the game. Like the point system which works in the game, where you accumulate points by crashing people and things around. The probability of attracting the law increases when you have a high number of points. Apart from this unique system, there is a system of power pickups too. Your speed and handling improves when you use these pickups, and they can range from anything like gear modifications to vinyl rollers. However, while inside a race, you can use only a few speed boosters, to prevent the undue advantage. Moreover, you can have only one speed booster at a time, and you need to use the current one in order to collect the next speed booster. The game is extremely fun and highly addictive, and it brings back all the action associated with the original movie. Getting addicted to the game is very easy, because of the simple controls and a wide variety of missions and game depth. The sound effects have also been done really well, to add to the thrill of the game.
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