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Knievel's Wild Ride Rev up your bike and go for the longest jump possible in Knievel's Wild Ride! Execute trick maneuvers during the jump for more points. Watch the landing and don't wreck or you'll risk a fiery death!
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Game Article:
Knievel?s Wild Ride Designed to give you the thrills and chills of extreme bike sports, this motorcycle racing and stunt game is a real winner in every way. Imagine a game which brings to you dirt biking and motorcycle sports in a new form. This is precisely the feat achieved by the game, and playing this is a pure mix of adrenaline. The game offers you a complete set of racing types to choose from, and by the time it ends, you would be addicted to its supreme stunt and racing engine. The structure of the game has been divided into a stunt quarry and regular racing, each of them having their own customizations. Stunt quarry tests your bike maneuvering, handling and movement around the level. The design of the level is such that you are given ample to scope to run around and stay in the air for longer durations. Ramps, pits and small hills are spread around the map to give you the required boost. While executing sky high jumps, you can perform stunts through the simplistic controls of the game. These stunts, if executed properly, ensure a safe landing and points for the stunts performed. However, if you fall upon landing, your bike gets damaged and you do not get any point for the stunt you just did. For the regular race component, you need to complete the stunt missions to unlock the whole set. It consists of the same levels but you have opponents to tackle in this mode. The race is for the first to finish and for accumulating the maximum stunt points while completing the race. The game contains everything a racing game should have and is really addictive, especially because of the variety of stunts and the simple controls required for their execution.
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