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Arny's Battle Destroy your many, many enemies
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Game Article:
Arny?s Battle A basic hack and slash game filled with enemies, Arnys battle is simple yet addictive, like many of its other counterparts. The game is about an archaeologist who is up for some research and exploration, and you need to guide him in the face of dangers and in his missions. You need to embark on a journey for Aztec, and need to encounter all the enemies in between. Basically, you need to guide Arny through various obstacles through the game. For the game play, you have the obstacles and your weapons as the main things. Obstacles can be anything from huge dragons to small insects, from barricades to slippery rocks. Your weapons vary from time to time and from your pickups. If you pickup more powerful weapons, your level crossing becomes easier and you can kill big dragons with single blows. Mostly, you need to rely on your shooting and dodging skills to move through the game. Apart from the regular shooting and moving, you also need to take care of power ups in the game. Power ups have a special meaning in this game, and you need to collect as many as you can for completing the missions on the game. The game basically revolves around these power ups only, health, speed boosts and performance boosts. All of these can be collected and used for gaining an advantage over your enemies. Mostly, it is about handling the game with skill and you can clear even the toughest parts, which all make the game really addictive. Overall, the game is really interesting and an extra edge is added through the power ups in the game. Very addictive, fun and fast, this game is surely set to impress you.
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