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Brakeless How fast can you get to the finish line?? How original!
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Game Article:
Brakeless An addictive game which tests your driving, racing and maneuvering skills, Brakeless lets you practice different moves while ensuring that you do not need the brakes of the car. The game is mainly an addictive racing style action which has been modified to ensure that you have a different experience and an addictive one too. The game asks you to complete various levels which require driving skills. Your objective is to complete them in record time and without the usage of brakes. The game is different in concept because it gives you the ability and the power to drive as fast as you can without worrying about non-existent things like brakes! The game play mainly relies on your driving. As far as the objectives are concerned, you need to drive better with the progress in level for clearing the game with good scores. As the game starts, it asks you for a profile and lets you select a car. This feature is unique because it lets you store your profile details on the server and makes it accessible any time you want it. The car customization options are also decent, where you can change almost everything about the car. Body kits, colors, performance boosters are provided in the game and they are achievable by the money which is won after completing each level. The racing action is high octane because it lets you practice the least amount of caution and makes you vulnerable to extreme crashes, if you are not good with the car that you are handling. Overall, the game is simply superb and really addictive because of the action it provides. The unique game play adds to the fun of the scenario, and makes it even more interesting and addictive.
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