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Sim Lemonade Millionaire Manage your own lemonade stand in this addictive sim game! Adjust recipes, set prices, upgrade your equipment, advertise, expand and get filthy rich!
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Game Article:
Sim Lemonade Millionaire What does a successful businessman has which others don?t? What is the recipe of success which he has enjoyed? Believe it or not, for being successful, you need to be talented in management of workers around you. It is not limited to only workers, but management in every aspect of the business means success. And this is exactly what this addictive game teaches you, in its own way. This game is about managing your very own lemonade stand. You need to maximize your profits and minimize the costs related with production of the lemonade. For doing that, you need to manage each important aspect well. In this game, the important areas are stock, recipe, price, advertisement and upgrade. Stock corresponds to lemon, glasses, salt and necessary items which are required to prepare lemonade. You need to buy and store them for usage in your lemonade stand. Recipe corresponds to the method of preparation of the lemonade and the amount of each ingredient. If you manufacture different and good lemonade, you would become popular soon. For the price, if people find it affordable, your stand would become popular and profitable, and you can then increase the price of your product. For advertisement, location needs to be decided. This should be done by taking in account the average price around the area and the rent of the place. For good profits, the area selection is important. The beauty of the game lies in the well balanced game play that it offers. You have every factor contributing to another factor, and it is all linked to present the actual business scenario. This is the foremost reason why the game becomes really addictive, because of its association with reality. Plus, it gives you a chance to actually weigh your options if you really want to go into the lemonade business, or any other for that matter!
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