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Hide the Fart Cut the cheese...discreetly! Press the spacebar when the cars come from left to right, the longer you hold it down, the higher you score. Press the left arrow key if you're starting to fill up with gas!
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Game Article:
Hide the Fart Imagine the following scenario, you are out for some work in a grocery store, and that extra slice of pizza is troubling you now. You want to fart, right there, right now! But it isn?t easy my friend, considering the looks of disgust that you get afterwards. Does the situation sound familiar? Well, for most of us, such a dilemma is quite regular, when you want to fart, and you cannot fart. But when you play this game, you are given the wonderful independence of farting away, but with intelligence so that your fart is not heard. The game tests your timing, reflex and sound sense and you need to fart at the exact time when the car coming from the left goes by. Because of the humming of the car?s engine, your fart is masked, giving you more points. The game gets really addictive when you play it, and the real fun factor comes in when you have mastered the art. For scoring the maximum points, you need to hold the spacebar key when the car zooms in from the left. The longer you hold the key, the more powerful your fart would be and when correctly timed with the car which is zooming to the right, it would fetch you more points. However, the catch is the fart meter which tells you when your model is getting filled with gas. When the red levels approach, you won?t be able to complete your bomb. To control this meter, you need to press the left key which pulls it in and lets you fart when the car comes by. Trust me; it does not get more addictive than this. Plus a once in a lifetime chance to fart openly, who would miss that?!
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