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SIM Start from scratch get a job build up money buy a new house go clubbing and party with hot girls.
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Game Article:
SIM An addictive and reduced version of a successful commercial game, SIM offers you the same experience of the original game. The game is an improvement over the commercial game and offers a different experience. In a nutshell, it can be classified as a role playing game where you are responsible for your personality, your job, your life and the works. You are allowed to make your personality, meet new people, hook up with hot women, work, study and do everything that you can in real life. Now, the game starts with you being positioned in your home with the city landscape visible. The main places which can be handled in the game are the school, club, hotel, Supa store, 24h and the Coffee shop. Each place has something to give you and you can earn or lose money in these places. Further, each place is important in giving you the attributes like intelligence, strength, charm, personality and cash. School is the place to start because it gets you intelligence and strength. You can gamble in the coffee shop and earn some money. Or you can visit the store for shopping and having fun. For getting into the school and the club, you require passwords which are given by completing certain tasks. Moreover, your vital stats need to be upgraded for getting a better job and gaining more influence. Like, for working in a hotel at a higher wage, you need to have a better personality. This gives you more cash and increases your job reputation along with the ever important money which is required in every aspect of the game. School is no different with you paying money for lectures which in turn give you intelligence. A very addictive game overall, it can get you hooked for hours at a stretch easily.
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