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Orc Siege Protect your village, build up attack strength, defense, and other skills to defeat goblins and orcs.
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Game Article:
Orc Siege An addictive strategy game containing every element of a fully fledged game, Orc Siege is about the battle between humans, goblins and orcs. The game is quite deep for starters, and lets you exercise complete control over the human civilization and its development. The game lets you improve and add every element and statistic for attacking, defending and developing. The amount of options available is the major cause of addiction to the game. As per the game play, it is about building your village and increasing your own performance, skills and abilities. You have the hero of the village with his own stats and you have the village stats. You need to free the village from Orc control and gain the respect of your people. In the game, you have three major things to do. One is training yourself in the village, which turns out to be most important. You need to gain experience and learn the arts of fighting. Initially, you can start with some learning and apply it in battle to gain more experience points. In the village, you can learn skills or you can learn fighting. Apart from that, you can train yourself to become higher, faster and stronger. Everything requires experience points which are gained by actually participating in wars. The second job is fighting the goblins. They are considered as the weaker class and you can gain enough experience points by fighting against them. As you gain more points and become a better warrior, you gain more skills, attacks and improve your statistics. You can then try fighting the Orcs, and ultimately free your village. For the conclusion we can say that the game has enough variety and options to get you addicted for a long time. The level by level growth and strategic fighting make the game play more interesting than before.
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