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Futurama - Shoot Bender 2 Futurma robots kill switch has been activated by Mom, you must stop them and get to your ship.
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Game Article:
Futurama ? Shoot Bender 2 This addictive game pushes you forward into the bright future where the human race has automated everything through the use of robots. But trouble arises when all these robots get their ?Kill Humans? chip activated by a nasty villain, Evil Mom. The game cannot be called as a simple shooting game because of the little additions which have been made to it. You have the introduction of the game where you are told that all robots have had their kill chips activated by Evil Mom, and only you and your robot, which doesn?t have a kill chip, can save the world. The simplistic shooting and fun elements of stupidity bring in the addictive angle here. When you go through the introduction, you have the level one ready for you. This level sees you combating the robots around you and shooting them to death. You can block their attacks and shoot them at the same time, making it fun to knock down steel pieces. Before you can proceed to the next level, you are given an option of buying some necessary things for the next level. This can include health, guns and power ups. After carefully selecting the required power up and the powerful guns, you move ahead to the higher levels which require more shooting skills and promise more action. You earn cash on every hit on the robot?s body. After eliminating the robots, your mission is to reach your own ship, where you can kill the rest of the robots using your ship. Apart from this linear game play, the game gets addictive due to the influx of shopping and careful selection of weapons for the higher levels. The game is really interesting and the simple controls, making effective use of the mouse, make it very engrossing.
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