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Defend Your Castle Defend your castle from the enemy by sending them mercilessly into the air and killing them before they kill you.
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Game Article:
Defend your Castle Another smash up, bash up game which proves to be addictive to our trigger friendly hands, Defend Your Castle gives a new meaning to the game style of fighting games. For the game play of this game, we definitely can not say that it is simple. What we have is a combination of various elements which require accomplishment for getting through this game. You need to use your own skills as a defender and also make strategic decisions related to tower protection. Apart from upgrading towers, you have various other things to handle, each giving you a feeling of a light strategy game. You have castle walling, religious conversions through temples, archery, wizardry, workshops and demolitions area which make this game very addictive and vast. For your personal abilities, you can pick the incoming attack and drop them to the ground, instantly killing them. This gets really funny and addictive when you get used to it, leading to a lot of fun. Apart from this, your defense depends on the upgrades you have made to the castles and towers. For the castle, you have upgrades for walls in the fortify mode. You can raise the level, making it less prone to attack. You have the workshop mode to make armies of workers who auto repair the damage which has been caused to your castle. Archery allows you to train the archers from enemy units, who have been converted to your side, and use them to limit the attack. The most important part is the temple, which religiously and gently converts the enemy units to your own people. They can then be used in workshops, archery etc. You can even make suicide bombers out of them. The game has enough variety to keep you addicted to it for a good amount of time, but trust me, this would be one of the most challenging games you have ever played.
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