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Turtle Brawl The turtles are back! Help them fighting against the ninja's!
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Game Article:
Turtle Brawl An addictive game about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Turtle Brawl takes you through underground lairs of Manhattan cityís crime circle and lets you defeat the evil Shredder and his plans. The game follows the interesting storyline of the TMNT series, where you need to fight the monstrous army and evil plans of Shredder, a man who was accidently crippled by your team when he was found doing small crimes. He has now kidnapped Master Splinter and he is holding him hostage in his secret headquarters. Your job is to find the location of his lair and then break in to rescue Splinter. The game follows a level based game play where you need to complete each level to find the clues of the location of headquarters. Every level would see you fighting the powerful army of ninjas which Shredder has made for himself and which is now ready to take you down. With the help of your turtle teammates, you need to eliminate all the ninjas for clearing the level and also the final boss at the end of each level. Each level would provide you with a piece to the destabilizer, which is responsible for finding out the location of the headquarters. You need to defeat each boss and collect this piece for completing your purpose in the game. The end level sees you fighting the powerful shredder and the remaining of his army and you are joined in by your turtle teammates. Defeating Shredder gives you an access to the Masterís jail where you can rescue him and bring Shredder to justice. Overall, the game is very arcade style and brings back the memories of golden days of gaming. The addictive game play and sound system appeal to the player and make the game interesting.
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