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Mario Smash Bros Fight in this Gamecube remake with your favourite Nintendo and Sega characters.
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Game Article:
Mario Smash Bros If you have grown up playing games then it is not possible that you do not know about Mario. The highly acclaimed series and character has a wide range of games to his credit. A part of this is the Mario Smash Bros, which is a duel game featuring the most influential characters in the Nintendo universe. This game that we have now is the online version of the highly successful title, and in no way it is less entertaining or less addictive. What we have are the very well known characters of the Nintendo universe, like Sonic, Mario, Pickachu etc. The beauty of this game lies in its simplicity. In spite of being simple, the game has not lost on the variety, and it offers you every character with their signature moves intact. The game also supports a two way fight between two people sitting on the same computer, which makes it even more addictive. You can literally sit for hours and play against each other. You have the single match, stadium and the training mode in the game. In the single match, you have to fight against the players using very simple controls and a good set of moves using various key combinations. It can be either in A dventure mode, where you have to advance through various stages or Classic mode, where you are involved in single fights. The stadium mode is like a tournament mode, with teams fighting for supremacy in different fights. Training teaches you how to fight in various modes, and ideally, you should start with training first. The game has been very well designed, and compressing a game like Mario Smash Bros to such a size is a real achievement. And that too, without losing the quality or the fun element.
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