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3 in One Checkers You have never played checkers like this before!
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Game Article:
3 in One Checkers A Checkers game with a difference, 3 in One Checkers is a brave attempt at modifying the game. The end result is worth playing and not to forget, VERY addictive! The game is about the standard rules of Checkers, which have been twisted in certain modes to give you more replayability and action. You have the same addictive game play like the lovable board game, and you can test your skills against the computer controlled opponents too. You can even adjust the level of difficulty of the computer to match your level. The game starts with the main screen window, where you have been given the various modes which can be played and the level of difficulty. Using a slider, you can decide the level as per your requirement. Next, there are three modes for playing, Standard, Giveaway and Extreme. The Standard mode follows the regular rules of the Checkers game, and you need to defeat your opponent as quickly as you can. You need to move in the familiar check like fashion, and eliminate all the white counters from the table for securing a victory. The next mode is the Giveaway mode, which is like the Standard mode reversed. In this, you need to follow the exact rules of checkers but you need to get eliminated as soon as you can. You are a winner if all your pieces are eliminated, just the opposite of the Standard mode. The extreme mode is a test of your skills, speed and movements in the game. You don?t have any time or turn constraint and you can move as per your wish. The motive is same, to eliminate all the pieces of the opposite side. An addictive game overall, it scores well in graphics, sound and game play terms.
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