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Armor Games Snowball How big can you roll a snow ball?
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Game Article:
Armor Games Snowball If having fun in ice and snow is your cup of tea then this addictive game is meant just for you. The game has very simple objectives, you need to make a snowball which is bigger than the rest, and you need to continue rolling it so that you increase its size. You also need to avoid hitting any obstacle which can break your snowball a bit, hence reducing its size. The game starts with you choosing a manager from the five that are available to you. Each manager has his/her own traits, and you need to keep in mind the type of manager you need, because they are very crucial in your success. You have Danny, Carla, Aomi, Johnson and Maximillion as the managers from whom you need to pick one. The game is simple with a limited set of control but this does not take away the fun from the game. It proves to be really addictive, because of the objectives which require you to carefully control the ball while guiding it through the levels. You have certain records to break and the farther your ball goes, the more you score. The managers are important figures in giving you the stats and encouraging you to become better by trying out more moves. You even have the ability to run over small objects with your snowball, houses and trees being the exceptions. This gets really entertaining and addictive as the game proceeds to higher levels. Overall, a simple and entertaining game which is just a scroller, you cannot complain because of the large options to explore above regular scrolling games of today. A good background score which supports the fast game play gets you addicted to the sound system too!
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