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Paintball - The Game Draw the line to make the ball get to the exit.
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Game Article:
Paintball - The Game An addictive and challenging arcade game with some nice features, Paintball - The Game is all about drawing the path for the ball to reach the exit designed in every level for completion. The game is a nice variation from the various arcade game titles which ask you to do regular stuff in ball controlling. Paintball - The Game allows you to design a path for your ball so that it can reach the hole easily, by crossing all the obstacles which are blocking its path. You have to be precise in your drawing because the ball follows the path diligently. The game is extremely fun to play and that is why you get addicted to the experience quickly. The most challenging part is the ball physics because even the slightest variation in the path can produce different results and this makes the game extremely addictive.
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