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Bombay Taxi 2 Steer your way through some crazy traffic in Bombay Taxi 2! Navigate the parking lots of Bombay Inida, avoiding other cars, street artists, people and other obstacles. Don't wreck the taxi and deliever the passengers safely!
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Game Article:
Bombay Taxi 2 An addictive game with a unique concept, Bombay Taxi 2 is about your adventures in the crowded streets of Bombay in India. The game tests your driving and racing skills and lets you pull crazy maneuvers in the overly crowded streets. The game is fun and gives you the once in a while experience of driving on such crowded roads. The game offers you two modes of game play, each of which is unique in itself. The first addictive mode is the time race mode. In this mode, you need to pick up a passenger and drop them at their destination in the time frame. If you are able to do that, you get your fare and some good comments or a tip too. The tip or the comments that you get depend on the time in which you managed to drop the customer. If you were well within the limit, then you get some tip and good comments. However, if you dropped her a few seconds late, you would just get the regular fare and no thanks or anything else. The second addictive mode is the park mode. According to the game play, you need to pick up the passenger and wait for him at various destinations. You are in for a long trip in this one, like a campaign mode, and you need to provide good service to them at every point in the story. Your performance in the story mode determines your score and an internal part of the story is good racing, driving and parking skills. Overall, the game is quite good and gives you the real feel of driving and meeting the requirements of customers in crowded streets, like those of Bombay. A must play, for every racing games lover.
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